"The mobile is the new premium"


To showcase and sell artworks in different environments


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 The Mobart App was created to help art market agents, art galleries, merchants and art collectors to improve logistics, and make showcasing artwork more accessible. This innovative application reduce the risks and the costs, because it allows virtual placement of artworks, changing the way we sell art. Mobart App facilitates new dynamics for clients, Art Fairs and Art Events in general. It allows showcasing pieces inside the client's house or space.


The app allows real-time simulation through Augmented Reality, enabling the access to art collections from art galleries inside places, onsite and in houses. It makes the selling process easier, by showing in real scale the pieces, placed onsite and on-demand.


Art collection in a touch inside your client's office/home/event, allowing the visualizations of art exhibitions in mobile devices. Art Galleries and Art sellers can share their library of collections, and clients can pick and test though AR the artworks of their preference. It improves business and loyalty.  


The cash flow can be managed in the app as well - another great function to improve business in the art market. Art Galleries can manage the amount of sales, their collections, prices and financial transactions, making it easy to control the available pieces and the profit margins.



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Andrea Capssa


Leonel Furtado


Giovanna Casimiro


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Felipe da Silveira